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Meet the best Cubicle, Trafo, Busduct, and LV Panel provider in Indonesia.

We provide READY STOCK high quality trafo, cubicle, and other electrical solutions with competitive price.

We believe that your project is your asset. It costs you a lot of money and resources, and you want it done right. We know for you time is critical, that you want your project to be finished right on schedule, and you don’t like it being delayed because your cubicles, trafo, or any medium equipment that you order take too long to be delivered to you. That’s why our products are ready stock. That’s why in Galleon, speedy deliverance, installation, and maintenance that will satisfy you is a culture.

We also know your resources are better spent for other things more productive than repairing and maintaining defective trafo or cubicles. That’s why we only sell high quality products to ensure your time, money, and effort won’t be spent on damaged electricity stuff. We give you the good sleep you need, knowing that your project is well taken care of.

Medium Voltage

Low Voltage


High Quality Cubicles, Trafo, and Low Voltage Panel

Here at Galleon, we always try to deliver the best outcome in every project, for every client. Our products include capacitor bank, cubicle, busduct, etc.  

Fast, Quick, and Dedicated Services

Knowing your time is valuable, we strive hard to response quickly to your inquiries and finish the project within the deadline. Delivery, installation, maintenance, we complete it within only 1 month!

24/7 Technical Support, Dedicated After Sale Services

You mention it, whether in a busy Monday afternoon, or in a midnight on a Sunday, we’ll be there for you to make sure our purchased products run smoothly. 24 hours technical support isn’t sufficient enough for you? That’s why we combine it with warranty for 18 months: free maintenance for you!

One Stop Easiness for You

We ease your life by taking care of your electric power addition permit process, SLO, power house building, trafo panel purchase, shipping, installation and commisioning, and maintenance as our commitment to provide one stop solution for your projects.


Electrical solutions simplified.

From low to medium voltage equipment installation, malls, government buildings, offices, residential homes and apartments, commercial and factory buildings, Jakarta, Surabaya, the island of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, transporting our huge cubicles and trafos by big plane or by one-metre-wide shipping boats, we’ve been there, we’ve done them, we’ve helped bring lights and electricity to places our clients ask us to. You could say that those experiences wowed you, or you could think that we run a very good business.

The truth is, we only try to always provide solutions to those in needs of our services. We believe you’re not only trusting your money on us, but also your buildings, the environment in which your buildings were built, the businesses you operate and depend your life on. That’s why we give you our all, serve you with all of our might. That’s why we only provide the best quality trafos and cubicles you can find on the market. We also have low voltage products such as busduct and capacitor bank.

That’s why WE EXIST.

As an active professional company, our objective is to improve and maintain our reputation by always giving superior satisfaction to customers and generating added-values as the very basic foundation of our success. – Agustinus Istar, CEO

Satisfied Clients, Happy Clients

  • Walau terpisah jauh antar pulau, lokasi kami di Belitung tidak menghalangi PT. Galleon untuk memberikan pengadaan material dengan delivery time yang lebih cepat dari perusahaan lain. Kualitas material yang disupply terjamin. Tenaga engineer dan teknisi yang selama ini membantu kami handal. Jika ada kebutuhan yang mendesak, PT. Galleon selalu siap membantu baik mengenai pengadaan material maupun tenaga teknisi yang bisa diberangkatkan langsung ke Belitung.

    Yoyo Sunarya
    Yoyo SunaryaCV Permata Prima - Tanjung Pandan
  • PT Galleon Cahaya Investama highly values punctuality and speed of deliverance. Their professionalism and work ethics in implementing their corporate values really amaze me. It's been a wonderful experience doing business with them. Looking forward to it with you guys again!

    Sigit Noviandi
    Sigit Noviandi
  • Kami menjalin kerja sama dengan PT Galleon sejak tahun 2012. Sangat memuaskan dari support dan harga. Pengalaman dalam menangani listrik tegangan menengah dan rendah menjadi salah satu alasan saya berbisnis dengan PT Galleon sampai saat ini.

    SugiantoCV Karya Mulya - Denpasar

Partners we work with

To provide the best solutions for your electrical needs, we have several partners that have the same commitment to deliver high quality products and services.


Contact us and get our ready stock products for your project.