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Ulusoy Electric

About Ulusoy Electric

Ulusoy Electric has been established as an engineering company in 1985 and nowadays it is one of the leading companies in the global electromechanical industry. Ulusoy has ranked among the highest-producing factory of the world at 36kV level, with 75.000 units of M.V Switchgears capacity and it is already among the top 500 largest companies of Turkey.
Ulusoy Electric is a customer – satisfaction oriented company. Throughout all stages of undertaken projects, proposal phase, execution and after-sales phase, our 150 expert engineers and 720 employees provide optimised and specific solutions in accordance to customer requirements and operational expectations.

Our company carries out all production operations in its main factory in Ankara Organized Industrial Zone. This factory is equipped with state-of-the-art machineries and equipments, and it covers a total area of 40.000 m² of which 26.000m² are indoor workshops. Additionally, two new factories; one in Algeria with 5000m² indoor space and a second one in Indonesia of 4000m² have recently started to operate. Ulusoy Electric is moving on with safe steps to accomplish its goal of becoming a worldwide leader in global electromechanical industry.

Activities of Ulusoy Electric in Energy

Design and Production of,
• Load Break Switches,
• 12kV – 24kV – 36kV SF6 and Vacuum Circuit Breakers
• 12kV – 24kV – 36kV Metal Enclosed Modular Switchgears,
• 12kV – 24kV – 36kV Metal Clad Switchgears (LSC2B, Withdrawable Type)
• SF6 Insulated Switchgears (RMU),
• Oily Type and Dry Type Distribution Transformers,
• Monoblock Concrete and Metallic Kiosks,
• Underground Concrete Transformer Stations, Containerised Solar Substations,
• MV Cable Accessories, Cantilener Systems for Railway Applications

Ulusoy Electric Products

Ulusoy MV Switchgears are listed in 3 groups;
– UMC Metal Clad Cubicles (LSC2B-PM)
– HMH Metal Enclosed Cubicles (LSC2A-PI)
– URING Ring Main Units (LSC1 or LSC2)

LSC Categories – Examples

– Factory-assembled, type-tested switchgear according to international standards,
– Modular structure, in consideration of functionality, appearance and security feature
– Internal arc classification IAC A FL up to 25 kA, 1s
– Loss of service continuity category LSC 2A, Partition class PI
– Various typical design which allows to provide optimum protection and control solutions
– Powerful structure. Hot dip galvanized sheet metal frame with 2 mm metal thickness, 275gr/m² galvanize thickness which are above the industry standards.
– All epoxy resin parts used in Switchgears (support and capacitive isolators, switch disconnector frame etc.) are produced and tested in the epoxy resin facility inside Ulusoy Factory.

Overview of Ulusoy HMH Switchgear with LBS and CB combination.
Metal Enclosed HMH Series switchgears provides solutions up to 36kV,1250A, 25kA.

HMH metal enclosed switchgears aplicable with:

– Load Break Switch capable to load switching.
– Load Break Switch, MV Fuse combination capable to load switching and protection with MV fuse.
– Load Break Switch, Circuit Breaker combination provides protection and control with protection relays. Block type or toroidal type current transformers are aplicable with HMH series.
– Current and Voltage Metering, Bus Coupler and Bus Riser Switchgears.

Technical Ratings, Typical Names and Dimensions of HMH Metal Enclosed Switchgear
Safety Interlocking conditions for HMH Metal Enclosed Switchgears

Interlockings for Switchgear with LBS
– LBS can be closed only if cubicle door is closed and grounding isolator is in open position.
– Earthing Switch can be closed only if LBS is in open position.
– Cubicle door can be opened only if the earthing switch is in closed position.
– LBS can not be closed if the cubicle door is open.

Interlocking for Switchgear with LBS – CB combination
– LBS can be opened only when the breaker is in open position.
– LBS or breaker can be locked in open position.
– Earthing Switch can only be closed if LBS and CB are in open position .
– Cubicle door can be opened only if the breaker is locked in open position, LBS is in open position and the earthing switch is closed.